Equipment Liquidation

Do you have equipment lying around taking up valuable space and
collecting dust?  We pay cash upfront for used medical equipment and
computer systems.  Whether it is a few pieces of equipment, a closing
clinic or a whole hospital, we will give you the best value for your

Equipment Sales

We will try to meet your individual needs with our knowledge and
experience in the field by being able to talk to you “intelligently”
about your needs and providing you with quality pre-owned medical
equipment at the absolute lowest prices.  Our inventory covers the
whole spectrum of available medical equipment in just about every
field.  Contact us to let us know what we can do for you.

Equipment Locating Service

If you are having a hard time finding a particular piece of equipment
or just don’t have the time to search for it due to your busy
schedule, look no further.  We will do our best to locate the
equipment for you through our ever growing network of companies.
We will provide this service in a timely manner knowing that your
facility has to meet today’s high demands of the fast paced medical

Equipment Service

We can offer service on many types of equipment through one of our
closely affiliated companies including repairs, preventative
maintenance and equipment calibration.  Custom yearly contracts are
also available to suit your individual needs.